Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scared (to) Straight(en)

I saw the scariest thing ever on TV: Hoarders. 

The smell of rotting food and cat pee-poop seeped through my TV as I watched a cleaning crew remove like 20 sick cats from a defeated hoarder’s house. I almost puked when someone pulled a petrified kitty from a pile of dusty garbage.

Totally judging and gagging as they went to commercial, I caught a glimpse of my own surroundings. Did I have some hoarding…umm, let’s say…tendencies?

Photo by rversde23

Hoarders terrified me so that I got up and threw away 80% of my grimy bedroom closet.

I am not a hoarder. But I have a whole lot that needs to go into the don’t keep pile. My challenge is to eat 
this, making up a word, clutterphant (clutter elephant? Never mind.) one bite at a time. 

Join me as I go from this: 

Photo by cafemama
To this! Well, close to this.

Photo by SewPixie

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